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Dec 04 2011

RT @bokardo: Design is the biggest differentiator in the startup world right now. #warmgun

Dec 03 2011

Asking a Barnes & Noble employee where the sparknotes are really makes their day.

Nov 29 2011

RT @projectivenyc: Check out our interview with @veronicachan about @gojee new drinks page!!

Nov 23 2011

RT @dhgisme: excited to announced @NakedPizza will be sponsoring dinner for the #farmbill hackathon! thnx @robbievitrano !

Nov 19 2011

"If you make software like a dick…"


.@allieharch “Men and women are more in sync about Two and a Half Men, It’s the No. 2 show on TV among both men and women.” WTF AMERICA.

Nov 17 2011

RT @weightshift: Everyone wants to be like Apple — in design, in approach, in mindset, in profits. But few have the actual guts to do so.

Nov 16 2011

RT @AdviceToWriters: The first draft of anything is shit. ERNEST HEMINGWAY #amwriting #writing #writetip #NaNoWriMo

Nov 14 2011

I just unlocked the “I haven’t been this hungover since college” badge!

Nov 13 2011

Mixin liquor in a bucket… Like a bauce.

Nov 11 2011
Nov 10 2011

We’ve switched from Ace of Bas(s) to Olivia Newton-John’s classic, “Let’s Get Physical”. Yep.

Nov 09 2011

Getting closer…

Nov 08 2011

RT @matthewcmoore: this is a font blast from the past and the future all in one: The new Verdana weights look fant …

Nov 07 2011

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